The Ostrobothnian calls You!

The beautiful Ostrobothnian nature offers the traveller a relaxing and refreshing experience. Well planned nature trails offer an interesting alternative for everyone, be it in the forest, on the lake shores, along the river groves, by the sea or on the unique boardwalks crossing the marshlands. Along the trails you can also often find interesting lookouts to enjoy the fantastic views as well as informative display boards that educate the hiker with facts and stories about the diverse surrounding nature.

The Ostrobothnian trails are suited for almost all levels of hikers, even beginners, as most nature trails are easily accessible. However, if you are up to the challenge there are also more demanding routes available for the more adventurous.  All nature trails are well marked and have good signage, as well as lovely resting spots where you can rest your weary feet and just enjoy the surrounding nature.

Familiarise yourself with the trail descriptions and plan your nature adventure of your own.


The nature trail descriptions have been translated by Translatinki Oy and the web site administrator takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the translations.