Lauhanvuori hiking tour 23,2 km

From the top of Lauhanvuori, a splendid, Lapland-like view opens up to the forests of the vast area, and beyond, up to the sea. The Lauhanvuori Hiking Tour allows you to explore the area’s geological past, traces of the Ice Age, and diversified nature with different waterways, swamps, and forests. The landscapes of the area are characterized by open, dry pine heath forests, lush spruce wood on the top of the hill, and open swamps in the area, which contrast with ponds, springs, and brooks. The specialities of the trail include wide shingle beaches, ancient raised beaches, and the Aumakivi rock.


3 Facts:

  • A trail in Lauhanvuori National Park
  • Interesting nature and geology
  • Diverse infrastructure

Trail rating:



Suitable to hikers accustomed to moving around in nature who are in good shape. Suitable as an overnight trail.


8 to 12 hours including stops

Trail markings:

In some places, wooden poles with green and blue ends; in others, only the trail track. The intersections are equipped with signposting

Getting to the trail:

The trail has three starting points; in addition, the different legs of the trail can be accessed from other points.

Starting point 1 – Lauhansarvi Nature Tourism Centre
Lauhanvuorentie 490, Isojoki
(WGS84) N62° 07.486' E22° 03.347'

On the gable wall of the Lauhansarvi building, there is a map of the national park and the trail. The starting point of the trail is at about 150 metres from Lauhansarvi. It has a small gate: ‘Luontopolku Ahvenlammille’.
(WGS84) N62° 07.499' E22° 03.512'

Starting point 2 - Lake Spitaalijärvi, parking area
(WGS84) N62° 8.34545' E 22° 9.36848'

No street address; at the crossing of Lauhanvuorentie, there is a signpost to Spitaalijärvi.

Starting point 3 - Top of Lauhanvuori / Belvedere
Lauhanvuorentie 656, Isojoki
(WGS84) N62° 9.12240' E 22° 10.45475'

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