Kuninkaanpuisto 7,2 km

The Kuninkaanpuisto trail leads to a mosaic of forests and swamps, in which forest-clad elevations tower here and there over the swamps. Forest-clad elevations, small rocks, and boulders make the landscape varied. The toponymy of the area is influenced by a strong tradition of royal legends starting from the 16th century, when Gustav I of Sweden made hunting trips to the area. Kuninkaanpuisto is a daytime trip destination of reasonable length for hikers of different kinds. Situated in a relatively easy terrain, the trail can be walked by children and older hikers alike


3 Facts:

  • An easy trail
  • Swamp landscape and forest paths
  • A lean-to

Trail rating:



Suitable as a day-trip destination for all people used to walking in nature


About 3 to 4 h with stops

Trail markings:

The trail is marked on trees with blue dabs of paint. The intersections of paths are equipped with signposts guiding to the lean-to of Kokko-Valkeinen and the Hankanen rest area. From the lean-to of Valkeinen, the circle route continues in the direction indicated by the signpost to Soramonttu.

Getting to the trail:

Starting point 1
Hankajärvi, the Hankanen rest area Karstulantie 942, 63800 Soini
(WGS84) N62° 53.41306' E24° 22.29022

The rest area is clearly signposted from Road 697.

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