ketunlenkki / prännin patikka 3,6 km

Ketunlenkki is a diversified and variable part of the Palaneen Polku trail and part of the longer trail of Prännin Patikka (20 km). The delicate details of the rocky terrain with their geological features give the trail an interesting background. The trail passes on the Palaneenkalliot rocks in a forest terrain characterized by occasionally steep rocky landscapes and small swamps in hollows.


3 Facts:

  • Rugged rocky landscape
  • Lean-to on the top of the Palaneenkallio rock
  • South Ostrobothnian cultural history and stories

Trail rating:



Suitable as a day-trip destination for hikers in normal physical condition accustomed to walking in nature. 


2 hours

Trail markings:

The trail is marked with red paint and with wooden signposts at the intersections.

Getting to the trail:

Palaneenkalliot, parking area
Paraatikuja, 62375 Ylihärmä (Kauhava)
(WGS84) N63° 4.05081' E22° 42.48869'

The parking area is situated at the end of Paraatikuja. You can access the trail along duckboards crossing the field. The lean-to of Palaneenkalliot is at 0.4 km from the parking area.

The starting point of the longer trail of Prännin Patikka is at Ylistarontie 636 (WGS84) N 63° 5.441' E 22° 42.907'

Other information:

Photos: Sanna Jyllilä and Ismo Nousiainen

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