jyllinkoski nature trail 1,5 km

The Jyllinkoski Nature Trail combines nature and history of electricity production in a fascinating way. Lush groves with demanding plants thrive in the steepbanked river valley in the middle of the South Ostrobothnian fieldscape.  As a large dam in the River Kyrönjoki, Jyllinkoski also represents the history and present of South Ostrobothnian river construction. Along the nature trail leading to Kiskonniemi, you see rich nature and a lush riverbank forest.  The atmosphere of Jyllinkoski is comprised of varying terrain, lush forests, quiet backwaters, and fierce roar of the rapids.


3 Facts:

  • A varied daytime trip destination
  • Rapids views
  • Grove conservation area

Trail rating:



The trail is suitable to hikers interested in a slightly more challenging terrain.


About 1 to 2 hours including stops

Trail markings:

The stairs and duckboards show the trail, and the intersections are signposted.

Getting to the trail:

Jyllinkoskentie 126, 61300 Kurikka

N62° 35.67084' E22° 23.68836'

The parking area is situated between a summer kiosk and a Power Station Museum. Back and forth, the trail is 1.5 km long.

An accessible Family Trail, the total length of which is 1.2 km, also starts from the same place. The Family Trail is easy and suits hikers who prefer a light option. 

In the immediate vicinity of the starting point, there is a playground for children and a kiosk open in the summer.

Photos: Sanna Jyllilä

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