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See and Experience Ostrobothnia from its Expansive Plains to the Archipelago

Often the traveller is positively surprised by the unique and varied travel opportunities in Ostrobothnia. Here you’ll find plenty to see and experience in the midst of the expansive crop fields, old idyllic wooden towns, as well as the stunning Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago - Finlands first and only Natural World Heritage Site. Here you can familiarise yourself with the fascinating Ostrobothnian culture and history, and immerse yourself in the clean nature and beautiful countryside at its best. In Ostrobothnia, you can also enjoy vibrant and lively cities and have great experiences at its many colourful events and interesting attractions.
If you did not already know, Ostrobothnia is situated on the western coast of Finland, easily reached from anywhere in Finland. Almost all roads, including the main railroad, lead to here. Learn more about the great travel opportunities in Ostrobothnia by taking a closer look at the web sites of the various regional travel organisations.

Fantastic family fun in Finland!

Welcome to explore the Ostrobothnian plains in Western Finland! Our region is known for the fun family attractions located within short driving distance. We have the best and the largest amusement park in Finland, a spa for relaxation and water activities, a zoo with more than 50 different animal species, an activity park with fun physical activities and the largest department store in Finland.

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The travel regions of Ostrobotnia

Click on the name of the regional travel information office for further information.

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Relax And Get Refreshed on a Nature Trail

Exercise, relax and be refreshed at the astonishing national parks, diverse natural environments and unique archipelago of Ostrobothnia. Turn off your mobile phone, leave your laptop in the car and just enjoy the tranquillity of the nature, so easily accessible on our wonderful nature trails.  Get to know our diverse surroundings and take some time off to have a fantastic Ostrobothnian nature adventure.

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