kuninkaanpolku trail

A combination of wilderness, peace, challenges and even some thrills, this trail first leads to the top of Vuorenmaa Hill, offering a grand view of the surrounding landscape. It then descends into a river valley, where it follows the winding river, ascending every now and then to the surrounding heaths. The trail also passes through beavers’ work sites, so hikers may occasionally need to find their way across or under some fallen trees. There are four rest spots along the trail.


3 Facts:

  • Wilderness-type trail from the Vuorenmaa Ski Resort to the riverside
  • Beavers at work by the river
  • River canyons with ascents and descents

Trail rating:



The trail is suitable for hikers looking for challenges, as it includes variation in altitude and also some difficult parts.  


3–5 hours one way (10 km), 10 hours there and back (20 km)

Trail markings:

There are excellent information boards at the trail’s starting point and along the trail. The trail is clearly marked with red markers. Along the trail, there are signposts at trail crossroads.

Getting to the trail:

Vuorenmaa Ski Resort, upper parking area (Vuorela)

Koskitie 25
63800 Soini

Drive from Möksyntie to Koskitie and continue roughly 100 m until you see the black-and-white ‘Hiihtokeskus’ sign showing to the right. Turn here and continue up the gravel road for about 400 m until you arrive at the parking area. The starting point (gate) will be on your left, as seen from the direction of your arrival.

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